About Börslycke Gård- English

Welcome to Börslycke Gård!

We are a genuine craft company in the middle of Östergötland`s countryside in Sweden. Right here in our kitchen we produce award- winning caramel candy, caramel sauce, marmelade and herb oil – Everything without additives. We work in a small scale and together we combine tradition, innovation and new thinking. A caramel isn’t just a caramel, a marmelade isn’t just a marmelade, it is a heavenly experience !

In Borensberg next to Göta Canal you can find our store where you can taste and buy our delicious candy. You’ll also find ice Cream and a Lovely garden where you can sit, eat your ice Cream and Watch all the boats in the canal casinos-kz.com, Beautiful view !


We hope you like our products as much as we do !

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